TR EAEU 041/2017: inventory of chemicals. Consulting services

Chemicals inventorying:
requirements and necessary data

Schedule of events addressing the implementation of Eurasian Economic Union Technical Regulation «On safety of chemical products» (TR EAEU 041/2017)

Inventorying of chemical substances

Preparatory phase up to 01.03.2021

Formation of the national part of the EAEU register of chemical substances and mixtures
Data required for inventorying:
  1. Identification data of the chemical
  2. Hazard data
  3. Information on the producer / importer

Notification of new chemical substances

State registration of chemical production starting on 02.06.2021

Management of the national part of the EAEU register of chemical substances and mixtures based of state registration and notification of new chemical substances

Перечень данных для нотификации нового вещества:

  1. Identification data of the chemical
  2. Information on the producer / importer
  3. Instrument analysis results
  4. Test reports
  5. Chemical Safety Report:
    - information on manufacturing;
    - hazard classification and labeling;
    - guideline for safe use;
    - physical and chemical properties;
    - health effect data;
    - environmental effect data;
    - exposure risk assesment;
    - further research strategy
Chemical substances absent from the EAEU chemical substances and mixtures register are to be considered new. Taking into account the experience of the leading GLP laboratories worldwide, researching of just a single new substance equals to establishing a high-value contract (up to 250 000 €) with term averaging to 2 years.

Consulting services for submission of documents to the authorized organization

Inventorying stands for collecting data on chemical substances that are currently (or are planned to be) marketed within the EAEU territory. Data is provided voluntarily. Required data: identification data of the chemical, hazard data, information on the producer/ importer.

General information on inventorying


All chemical substances, which are currently being marketed in the EEU, are to be inventoried – regardless of whether it’s a standalone product or a mixture’s component.

If production has additives in its composition or when submitting data on mixtures, all individual components are reported if their weight fraction is more than 0.1%.

Polymers are not eligible for inventorying but the monomers and any additives (if their weight fraction is more than 0.1%) have to be reported.


  • Substances mentioned in Appendix I to TR EAEU 04/2017 (list of chemicals which are out of the scope of this regulation).
  • Substance is a part of a product, which has their own “vertical” (branch) technical regulation (for instance, TR EAEU 030/2012 “On requirements for lubricants, oils and special liquids”
TR EAEU 041/2017

Data can only be submitted by a company, which is registered in Russia. Data on chemical substances, including those contained in mixtures, are given without reference to the chemical products produced and their component composition. Annual production volume is specified for individual substances. Information on the chemicals supplied to the market is public and accessible.