Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) for supplies to European Union

According to the requirements of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 all cosmetic products exported to EU must undergo safety evaluation and be accompanied by Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR).

CPSR consists of two sections:
Section A
  • Data about the whole product and its constituents, including physical and chemical properties, toxicology
  • Clinical testing results, microbiology testing
  • Adverse effects and contra-indications
  • Information about raw materials used in production of each ingredient. If ingredient’s production technology uses technological additives not present in the final product, their absence must be explained.
  • Calculation of safety coefficient of cosmetic product for human organism based on target audience, and surface area and frequency of applying on human skin
Section B
  • Expert report about safety of usage of cosmetic product based on data in section A

We offer services in developing section A of the CPSR, including:
  • Compilation of information from international databases and calculating safety coefficient
  • Laboratory testing necessary for cosmetic production for export to EU
Besides, we can prepare the necessary documentation for obtaining an expert opinion – section B of CSPR
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