Clarification of legal requirements of various countries

Import of chemicals to various countries is complicated because of individual legislations of those countries, which have different requirements for procedures and documents necessary for chemical products.

We offer consulting and information support in a broad specter of questions:
  • Explaining sections of national and international standards
  • Assistance in choosing UN code
  • Data compilation concerning chemicals’ toxicity and ecotoxicity from international databases
  • Selection of work area control parameters according to given country’s legislation
  • Analysis/comparison of chemicals regulation requirements of various countries
  • Access to the LOLI (List of Lists) database in order to find information about technical regulations applicable for a given substance
Information about the LOLI database
  • Developed by ChemADVISOR, Inc
  • Information is presented in table form
  • Contains information in the form of lists, which include: CAS, substance name and information
  • Contains more than 5200 lists
  • Covers legislations of more than 115 countries